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Exhibition 2020

September 2020 at SPEAK FOR SPACE

Daikanyama “SPEAK FOR SPACE” is pleased to hold “HOPE” , an art exhibition featuring Ryohei Yamashita. 

• Exhibition Title

The Ryohei Yamashita HOPE Exhibition

September 19 (Sat.) ~ September 27 (Sun.) 11:00-19:00 

 (On the last day, the exhibition will be held until 18:00 only) 


28-2 Sarugakucho, SPEAK FOR Bldg. B2F 

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo PC 150-0033



•Omni Channel Sale of Artwork

As a consideration to those who cannot visit the exhibition because of distance, we are planning to make an on-line shop available for a limited time, which will display the same content as the “HOPE” exhibition. The URL



The featured artist is scheduled to be present at the gallery from 13:00~18:00 on September 19, 20, 21, 22, 26 and 27. 


•EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS (from the Press Release) 

Mr. Yamashita pursues an artistic sensation of vibrant motion in his artwork and motifs, which mostly consist of human body form drawings depicting athletes and samurai. All forms of active physical beauty, such as the depiction of vibrant sprinting, water dancing as it cuts through the wind and earth bending, are fixated to the canvass in rich amplitude of composition and brushstrokes. These drawings do not only pursue the definitive climax. At times, they replace the athlete’s field of vision with landscape and select silent forms of chillout, and seasonal sentiments for its themes. The drawings come with an original vision, accompanied by sophisticated concepts, which excites the viewer and fascinates the person into thinking he or she is experiencing what the artwork depicts. Mr. Yamashita’s own experience as an athlete and his knowledge of video production can be seen in full play in these drawings. His artistic angle of getting to the heart of each sport and competition is widely seen as striking a chord with athletes.


Mr. Yamashita’s recent social activities are increasingly in the spotlight as can be seen by his stained-glass artwork of the Public Art Project at Gaienmae Station, closest to the New National Stadium, in conjunction with the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Station Renewal Project. His production of the mural at Nike Japan Headquarters and his visual artwork for Sailing National Team JAPAN, have drawn wide attention.


For Mr. Yamashita, this will be his long-awaited exhibition, which was last held 4 years ago. Mr. Yamashita says that artwork drawn with vitality often coexists with sadness which expires instantly. Although the title may tell you “this is something short-lived”, you can feel layers of hope calling for perpetuality. This will be a great opportunity to fully appreciate Ryohei Yamashita’s art in its present form as the artist greatly expands his range of expression while maintaining his themes of vibrant motion.


While the main emphasis will be placed on his new acrylic paintings, some 30 or so small and big original pieces of artwork will be on exhibit and available for sale, including his color pencil drawings. Related items such a collection of works to be specially produced for this Exhibition as well as Giclee posters, will also be offered for sale.



Born 1973 in Fukuoka, Japan, Ryohei Yamashita graduated from the Kyushu Institute of Design. After being an active street artist in Fukuoka, Mr. Yamashita moved his center of artistic operation to Kanagawa Prefecture in 2002 where he began producing his artwork on a full scale. His recent works include his involvement with the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Public Art Project, the Toyota Motor Company calendar, the visual art project for Sailing National Team JAPAN and his “New Run” shoe artwork for Achiless Corporation. Mr. Yamashita also is involved in magazine and CD jacket production. He energetically participates in Japanese and overseas exhibitions and was awarded the “E Plus Award” at “Unknown Asia”, an art fair, in 2015.


Ryohei Yamashita’s homepages:


*Please note that the scheduling of this Exhibition may be postponed or cancelled altogether on account of social circumstances surrounding Covid-19. Up to date information will be made available on our2 home page.

*All exhibited artwork will be made available for sale.

*The venue strictly prohibits congratulatory flower gifts.

*Please be aware that the Exhibition will only be open until 18:00 on the last day.


•Planning and Inquiries

Sublime, a Limited Partnership Company (GALLERY SPEAK FOR div.)

Attn: Hiroji Yoshida

1-6-53 Aobadai, Aobadai Mansion B3

Meguro-ku, Tokyo, PC 153-0042

Telephone: 050-3555-6703

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